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Why Terrawatt

For the first time since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, humanity has the information, the science and the capital to safeguard the global climate and enable people everywhere to meet their needs with clean and affordable energy. Terrawatt brings together the world’s top businesses and thought leaders to create the commercially viable market necessary for an environmentally-friendly global economy. We do this by systematically removing financial, legal, technical and political barriers to adoption: we reduce the costs and we promote innovation. In doing so, we enable the natural competitive advantage of clean power that drives the Energy Revolution.

Our Objective

Our objective is to accelerate the Energy Revolution, to limit global warming and promote an equitable, peaceful world through universal access to renewable energy. We envision a deployment of 2.5 terawatt of competitive renewable capacity installed by 2025.

Our Values

Terrawatt Initiative is based on the principle of shared value and international, cross-sector cooperation. Terrawatt is independent of any specific interest and acts in a transparent and responsible manner to promote the large scale development of an affordable, renewable power generation market. In doing so, we believe that society as a whole can achieve increased prosperity while protecting the health of the entire planet.

Our Strategy

We unite all of the stakeholders in building a large competitive clean power market. We ensure its prompt and global availability by systematically reducing the costs of clean energy, starting with Solar PV.