We make energy clean, modern and
universally accessible to all

Accelerate the Energy Revolution


Building a smarter energy network by deploying modern and more efficient technologies to replace the old power grids, which are increasingly unreliable, and incapable of handling a significant increase in renewable energy.


Providing for the world’s urgent needs in energy by deploying renewable assets, with an affordable and competitive price of electricity, in particular in developing countries.


Implementing clean and renewable energy to replace fossil generation assets in developed countries with a strong legacy, or as a first generation in developing countries.

To make the energy system clean, modern and universally accessible, we need to introduce more “intelligence” in the system (smart meters, IoT, digitalization, EVs...). To do so, we need first to make the price of generating electricity as low as possible, thus creating a new space.

Solar technology is simple, easily scalable, independent from fossil fuel LCOE and is thus the perfect candidate to make the first step towards the Energy Revolution!