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The Terrawatt Community is on a journey, striving over the past three years with a unique vision and collaborative model to deliver innovative and concrete solutions to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and SDGs.  Our important work has culminated in our most recent and monumental success—endorsements by French and Indian governments of all 5 pillars of the New Solar Market. This achievement is, in large part, the result of your contributions as our Co-Leaders!

Thank you for your belief, support and commitment!

Terrawatt at ISA Summit, New Delhi, 11-12 March 2018

We proudly contributed to and participated in the historic International Solar Alliance (ISA) Summit co-chaired by India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and French President, Emmanuel Macron. At the summit, we witnessed the endorsement of the digital market framework we designed with CEEW, CII and TCX Fund to mobilize 1,000 billion USD of financing needed to reach 1 TW of solar energy by 2030.
Event Link: http://isasummit2018.com/

Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba Promotes New Solar Market in La Tribune Interview

Read Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba’s interview in La Tribune, for his insights on the importance of cross-sector Solar Market changes required to support a portfolio of 500 million to 1 billion small, distributed on grid and off grid assets in a dozen mid- and low-income countries by COP25.
Article Link: https://www.latribune.fr/entreprises-finance/industrie/energie-environnement/terrawatt-cheville-ouvriere-de-l-agence-solaire-internationale-771708.html

Lila Tretikov's Talk at Big Data Summit, Paris, 12-13 March

Big Data Summit is a yearly event which gathers more than 100 companies from around the world to understand and incorporate the value of data architecture. Lila Tretikov, CEO of Terrawatt Initiative, gave an exciting talk about the evolution and integration of data for the advancement of our society.

Watch Lila discuss the importance of joining open data with Artificial Intelligence to make informed decisions and effect positive economic and energy transformations.
Video Link: https://vimeo.com/259755726

Wilfrid Lauriano do Rego Advocates Terrawatt Initiative Solutions to Address Africa’s Energy Independence

Vice-Chairperson of Terrawatt and Partner at KPMG, Wilfrid Lauriano do Rego, penned an article for Next Einstein Forum, where he created an interesting match between Africa’s energy needs and solutions offered by Terrawatt Initiative, thereby expanding Terrawatt’s reach to 640 million Africans in need of electricity. 
Article Link: https://gg2018.nef.org/working-towards-africas-energy-independence/

Upcoming Events

SE4ALL Forum 
2-3 May, Lisbon, Portugal 
We are participating in this event to strengthen ties with fellow organizations  working toward advancing our shared vision of renewable energy for all.
Learn more

Horasis: Enacting Visions for a Sustainable Future 
5-8 May, Cascais, Portugal
Lila Tretikov, an official Co-Chair of this global meeting in Portugal will be speaking about Terrawatt’s solutions for energy transition in a plenary session: “A Roadmap for Transition”.
Learn more

Women’s Forum for Economy and Society
10-11 May, Toronto, Canada
Lila Tretikov will be putting forward her views on how technological innovations can help solve the energy crisis and eventually tackle climate change in the plenary session: “Fuelling the Engines of Innovation”.
Learn more

TXF Global 2018: Export and Energy Finance
6-7 June, Prague, Czech Republic
Recognized as an official Praha Superstar, Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba will be speaking in the session: “Propelling Prosperity: Export credit as a force for Positive Change in Developing Markets” on how export credit can be used to make solar projects bankable in developing nations.
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Intersolar Europe
20-22 May, Munich, Germany
Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba will participate in the session: “Towards a Global Standard for Solar Project Financing" to represent Terrawatt’s legal framework for open source contracts, jointly-developed with IRENA.
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ISA 2nd Global Re-Invest
Q3 2018
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"We want solar revolution not only in India but also in the entire world"
- Narendra Modi


"Nous visons 1 térawatt d'énergie solaire en 2030. Il faut pour cela 1000 milliards de dollars de financement."
-Emmanuel Macron

We can not advance our mission without you. Read what our partners had to say about us at the ISA Summit
"Large institutional investors, such as sovereign wealth funds, demonstrate a strong and growing appetite for low GHG investments. The Digital Platform is designed to facilitate the development of more standardized green financial instruments. This initiative is clearly a good signal and would allow to scale up financing, with deep sustainable impact, particularly in emerging and developing countries."

Christian Déséglise
Global Head of Central Bank & Global Head of Sustainable Finance

"Digital solutions have the power to create trust, simplicity and efficiency to transform entire industries. Terrawatt Initiative's innovative Platform will provide a way to efficiently reduce transaction costs and address energy demands at scale, while ensuring safe and transparent multi-stakeholder interactions."

Brad Gammons
Global Managing Director, Utility and Energy
"Total is committed to increasing solar capacity in emerging and developing countries as part of the diversified energy mix. We strongly believe that Terrawatt Initiative’s Digital Platform can become a game changer to accelerate the deployment of solar energy in these countries by aggregating projects, easing transactions processes, bringing trust between stakeholders, mitigating the risks and as a consequence lowering the cost of financing.”

Julien Pouget
Senior Vice President, Renewables

"Well-managed competitive pressure accelerates market transformation and efficiency beyond expectations.  We are confident that the Terrawatt Initiative's Platform will provide developers with useful and transparent market analytics and thereby foster market acceleration and competition."

Nandita Prashad
Managing Director, Energy & Natrural Resources

“Financing small amounts on a project basis will be key to meet the challenge of developing clean and affordable energy with solar in ISA countries. Blending multilaterals and private institutions means, aggregating amounts to create volume, rationalizing processes and formats to create digital standardization, as the Terrawatt Initiative intends to do shall provide an efficient mean to transform the financing needs into bankable projects, while channeling private institutions funds towards positive impact investments. Société Générale welcomes such innovative tools development to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.“

Hacina Py
Head of Export Finance & Investment Banking,
Société Générale

In Case You Missed It

Read Christian Deseglise’s interview with Les Echos where he supports Terrawatt’s multi-fold solutions and calls for joint-action with international organisations such as the World Bank for the development of green energy.




Check out Isabelle Kocher, Chairperson of Terrawatt and CEO of ENGIE, talk about the importance of Terrawatt’s One click Solution: The New Solar Market.


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