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Partnership in Global Green Markets Development

These past months, we have focused on amplifying our collective mission: to design new digital market frameworks required to massively scale next-generation, affordable and clean energy systems, capable of delivering the Paris Agreement and SDGs.


We are fully committed to help operationalize the priorities set by Heads of State at the International Solar Alliance (ISA) Summit in March and organize the contributions of key stakeholders—united behind a global and unprecedented effort to streamline contractual and regulatory frameworks, efficient guarantee tools, powered by a digital platform.


At Terrawatt, we recognize and appreciate that our accomplishments would not be possible without the expertise, involvement and contributions of our Community members, partners and supporters. Therefore, in current and future newsletters, we will be highlighting the outstanding work and programs of our partner network of changemakers.


In this edition, we are delighted to feature an inspiring story from Ms. Marie Ange Saraka Yao, Managing Director, GAVI Vaccine Alliance.


Special Feature


“By the end of 2018, Gavi will have immunised 700 million people with its work that directly addresses 14 of the 17 SDGs.”


“Terrawatt has the potential to spearhead a new Energy Revolution by enabling the natural competitive advantage of solar power.”  

Read the complete interview of Gavi Vaccine Alliance Managing Director, Marie Ange Saraka Yao

Lila Tretikov at G7 Women's Forum Canada

During the call for G7 that took place on 10-11 May, Terrawatt intervened on the last day of Women’s Forum at plenary session - Fuelling the Engines of Innovation. Along with four experts, our CEO Lila Tretikov stressed the importance of digital innovation (market and platform) for massive-scale deployment of renewable energy projects to bridge the gap between developed and developing economies.
G7 Women’s Forum Canada

Lila Tretikov Co-chairs Horasis Global Meeting 2018

Lila Tretikov co-chaired 2018 Horasis Global Meeting organized in association with the Government of Portugal. More than 300 industry experts and think tanks from all around the world gathered in Cascais for 5 days to identify scalable and sustainable solutions necessary to meet the challenge of our generation: to safeguard our planet by accelerating the transition to a carbon free economy and 100% renewable energy.
Horasis Global Meeting
Check out Horasis exclusive chair interview

Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba leads the GSESI team at Intersolar Europe 


At Intersolar Europe, Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba, our Secretary General and Spokesperson emphasized the private sector’s need for open source solar contract templates that Terrawatt and IRENA are developing along with a network of notable law firms. The project team of Global Solar Energy Standardization Intitiative (GSESI) including Norton Rose Fulbright, IRENA and Herbert Smith Freehills came together at Intersolar to showcase the benefits of contract templates in reducing development timelines and lowering transaction costs.

Leadership to Implementation: Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba demonstrates Terrawatt's journey at the ISA Forum

During the ISA Forum organized under the umbrella of Intersolar Europe in Munich, Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba brought to light the progress made by Terrawatt and its Community in providing a channel for governments to conduct a dialogue with the corporate sector on the optimal terms and conditions for investment in ISA countries to dramatically lower the cost of finance for renewable energy and overall price of electricity.

Nicole Iseppi talks about Terrawatt as a facilitator of energy revolution in African countries

Nicole Iseppi, Legal Director at Terrawatt Initiative, gave an exclusive interview at the Africa Energy Forum where she explained the 5 pillars of Terrawatt Initiative and their importance in building a shared methodology with the aid of governments and financial institutions, which will allow financial markets to allocate capital more efficiently in nations that want to fulfill their Paris Agreement commitments.
Watch Nicole's interview

Upcoming Events


Global Climate Action Summit
12-14 September, San Francisco, USA
During the first ever Global Climate Action Summit, Lila Tretikov will be giving a TED Talk-like presentation on the Future of Clean Energy at Climate Solutions Day, September 11 at 2:30pm. Don’t miss this exciting panel of thought leaders and opportunity to engage in lively discussions on real-world solutions to the climate crisis.
Learn More


Climate Week NYC
24-30 September, New York, USA
Jean-Pascal Pham-Ba and Lila Tretikov will be discussing the progress TWI is making to operationalize the priorities set by Heads of State at the ISA Summit and organize the contributions of key stakeholders to facilitate the deployment of 1 terawatt of new solar capacity by 2030. Additionally, we will be sharing exciting news on the launch of the  U.S.-based Terrawatt Foundation and new strategic partnerships.
Learn More


WEF Sustainable Development Impact Summit
24-25 September, New York, USA
In an exclusive Terrawatt event organized by World Economic Forum, Lila Tretikov will be hosting the panel - Scaling Access to Sustainably Sourced Energy on 25 September to bring new light on Terrawatt solutions and frameworks.
Learn More


ISA 2nd Global Re-Invest 
3-5 October, New Delhi, India
Learn More


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