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2018 Projects

Terrawatt deploys programmes towards accelerating adoption of clean energy and unlocking significant economic and societal benefits congruent with this transformation.

We believe that the partnerships between public and private sectors, along with the civil society, are required for successful adoption of next-generation clean energy systems.

Terrawatt focuses its programmes at the intersection of those 3 sectors to facilitate solving problems that are only possible through cooperation.

Solar Energy Standardization Initiative (SESI)

Aims at designing and drafting a comprehensive set of open source contracts and guidelines to reduce development time and costs of transactions that weigh heavily on the competitiveness of solar energy. To carry this project, Terrawatt and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) collaborate with more than 30 leading development banks, law firms and industry associations. The outcome of this programme, targeted for 2018, will be a robust portfolio of open-source, freely available standardized template agreements and guidelines.

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Aims at helping redesign the regulatory paradigm, adapting the revenue model and tariffs to reduce costs of electricity and the electricity system planning to the target lower cost of kWh. An outcome-based regulation can significantly decrease the cost of energy, so in partnership with KPMG this project is developing a robust analysis benchmarking tool along with a complementary leadership and coaching programmes around assessing the cost of solar electricity according to the effectiveness of the regulation of a given country. Ambrogio’s goal is to help willing governments identify the areas of reform that will enable them to achieve their renewable energy targets at a lower cost.

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Common Risk Mitigation Mechanism (CRMM)

The proposed CRMM will offer a simple and affordable tool that will create a secure environment for private institutional investment in solar assets. The instrument will help diversify and pool risks on mutualized public resources and unlock significant investments. It would underwrite investment risks and thus create a significant leverage to increase direct investments.

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