Rethinking communication

Unlock the Communication door to achieve Well below 2 cents’

The key to successfully accomplishing the mission:


Sustainable energy transition is a complex topic that is usually misunderstood. The issues need to be clarified in a very simple and federating narrative :

‘Green power at well below 2ct worldwide by 2030’

A Communication in chaos

Communication in the field of sustainable energy transition is in chaos. The real dynamics of solar energy remain essentially misunderstood by the public and still underestimated in political decision-making.

The political context makes it difficult for pragmatic leaders to convey their message at the heart of their constituencies.

We need to clarify the message.

everyone around
a common goal

Leadership needs to convey strong, simple, straightforward messages; something that the public can understand and that will trigger a real collective effort to slash the cost of solar power for the benefit of humankind.

Each industry and each stakeholder now need to think about what they can do to contribute to this effort, to set ambitious objectives and to share them with society. A very simple and federating narrative for our industries could be ‘green power at well below 2ct worldwide by 2030’.

A ‘Climate

The economist Marianna Mazzucato recently proposed a ‘climate moonshot’, a radical and ambitious solution for climate change. She rightly points out that “inspiring people with hope in a mission is crucial to ensuring its success”.

As with the original moonshot, we need to set a clear and simple objective which inspires people. Yes, reaching the New Energy Regime by the end of the next decade is worth it!

And you,

what would you do?


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