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The key to successfully accomplishing the mission:


The clear threat with any crisis and in particular the climate crisis, is that it generates high tensions and individualistic behaviours at a time when the threats have never been more global.

Leadership in such moments means bringing all parties to the table and developing collective solutions: A GREEN NEW DEAL.

Green New Deal:
who are the main stakeholders ?

As we need all the stakeholders to be united to set up a new market framework, the question is: who are they and what are their roles?

Four categories of stakeholders emerged from TWI’s analysis. While each category has different expectations, their achievements are highly interdependent.

New Solar Market, to take up the solar power challenge


A systemic approach
TWI has developed and promoted a systemic approach, the New Solar Market, where each category of stakeholder would make a decisive contribution to the overarching goal of the lowest cost renewable energy.

Interdependent actions
Whereas each category of stakeholders has different expectations, their achievements are highly interdependent. That’s why the New Solar Market helps to simplify their interactions and makes them much more user- friendly.

The International Solar Alliance,
an inspiring leader

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) was created in 2015 on the initiative of the Indian and French governments. It aimed at connecting emerging and developing countries with high solar and economic potential to developed countries with technical and financial resources.

It provided a platform for all 121 countries with territories between the tropics, often sharing the same strengths and weaknesses, to exchange with and influence the market.

From the very beginning, TWI supported the creation of the International Alliance. ISA leadership has already inspired other leaders and accelerated the deployment of solar at local, regional and international levels.


And you,

what would you do?


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