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Unlock the Regulation door to achieve Well below 2 cents’

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The key to successfully accomplishing the mission:


Achieving a ‘well below 2 cts’ target can only happen if cash is available at the right price, in the right quantity, for the right tenure, in the right location.

Regulatory transformations

Regulatory transformations are required both on the investor side and the investee side to enable cash to move from where it is and to de-risk where it needs to go.

Better regulation can improve the predictability of cash flows and optimise the financial models of solar power generation assets to the benefit of all stakeholders.

The Ambrogio


To help regulators measure the impact of their regulatory choices on the cost of solar power in their respective countries TWI, together with KPMG, Norton Rose Fullbright, Dentons and Trilegal, has developed a game based on a UNDP financial model.

View of the platform Ambrogio

With this simple tool, decision makers can very simply test with more than 20 regulatory items and immediately see the variation in the levelised cost of solar electricity.

The Integrated Legal Framework Template


TWI also drafted a template for an Integrated Legal Framework, addressing in one document the key topics to be addressed when structuring new solar friendly regulations.

(Available in the final report – Appendix 2).

And you,

what would you do?


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This 200 pages report provides a summary of nearly four years of work carried out by TWI to accelerate the transition to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, starting with solar power. 

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